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I wish I knew how to help but instead I keep getting mad so I’m shutting up to avoid fucking things up further, but also I am really mad. I don’t even know why I’m really mad so whatever. I don’t get it you were fine like 12 hours ago?? 

later today: hanging out with some rad ladies, caitie, jasmine, bri, maybe lindsey and denise? and if not lindsey than michael? idk man but it’s going to be great.
friday: going to support my main bitch at her art show, maybe help her pull of a heist?? and then going to go look through thrift stores and drink some lattes with josh because I said so
saturday: hopefully (depending on my ID and whether or not I can stay out that night) going to barracuda with michael and his friends
sunday: spending it with michael regardless of saturday’s happenings
monday: nothing so far (weird?)
tuesday: going to spend the day with michael, and karyssa’s going to do some weird makeup flower petally thing to my face and take pictures ~ lol (I’m actually very stoked to see how it turns out)

anyways, good stuff :)

here’s michael making a face and putting on a hoodie because I miss him

here’s michael making a face and putting on a hoodie because I miss him

the fact that justin bieber is supporting the whole “stop kony” thing isn’t reason enough to not support it? ok.

how absolutely disgusting is it that I’ve always wanted to go to Renfrew if I were to ever go for inpatient treatment? like to even have a preference? ugh sometimes I’m so weird. I’m glad I’m not in that place, mentally, right now.

tm: osap, sell back my books, hand out resumes.
tuesday: hang out with michael all day ~
wednesday: hand out resumes and catch up on some much needed housework, painting, and sleep.
thursday: hand out resumes and pick money up from emily, then hang out with caitie and brianna.
friday: hand out resumes, hang out with josh for the first time in forever :’)
saturday: sleep in, hang out with michael and go to the chili pepper with he & his friends.
sunday: see michael all day ~

this doesn’t help with not thinking about it, but i’m happy

but that ain’t enough, no, you want me to run

brb going to california with josh to skateboard and listen to 90’s skate punk